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Thursday- Saturday

Dr. Anthony Broughton
Jill Molli
D.J. Batiste
Richard Cohen


Mister B, aka Dr. Anthony Broughton

“Turning up your Intentionality!”

Mr. B will provide interactive strategies for harnessing the literacy and social-emotional development of children will be provided through culturally relevant music. Participants will be provided with concrete, applicable strategies and approaches to cultivate personal and academic excellence with children.


Jill Molli & D.J. Batiste

“It starts in the Heart: Creating a school family.”

The most important part of any school or classroom is willingness. Teaching learning and life itself becomes one giant power struggle without willingness. Learn the four critical ingredients needed to create willingness within your staff, your children and yourself. Shift from resistance to willingness, and learn ways to create or enhance your School Family so caring, contribution and conflict resolution flourish. This will be a 2 hour keynote session for all.


D.J. Batiste

To be held in Rooms 106 & 107

The Advocacy Luncheon will begin immediately following the Friday Keynote session. The luncheon will be held in Room 106-107. A delicious lunch will be served and you can hear D. J. Batiste share his journey of how one teacher, who chose connection over correction, profoundly influenced his life and changed his trajectory. D. J. was a gang leader and was headed down a troubled road that may have led to prison or an early death. D. J. will share the story of how his high school teacher helped him to redirect his path, to graduate from high school and to now share his story to help others. He encourages each of us to see the power we have to touch a life.


Richard Cohen

“What’s love got to do with it?”

SCECA is pleased to introduce Richard Cohen to our conference. His keynote address is titled “What’s Love Got to Do with It?” Mr. Cohen’s address will explore Love, its various meanings and its place in the early childhood curriculum and professionalism. We will look at “love” from a neurological perspective and relate it to early attachment theory and brain development. Learn how you can make a difference in a child’s development through love and connections. We will also explore how you can balance who you are as loving persons and as early childhood professionals.