SCECA membership rates are $45 per year and $25 a year for students.

Download Membership Form

· To receive the state newsletter, SCECA SCOPE.
· To receive a subscription to the SECA journal, Dimensions, and SECA Reporter.
· To purchase SECA books, pamphlets, and position statements.
· To receive notices of SCECA and SECA conferences and meetings.
· To apply for annual scholarships to the conferences.
· To apply for a teacher educational scholarship.
· To apply for a teacher grant to purchase manipulatives/supplies for classroom.
· To pay reduced registration fees for the annual state (SCECA) and regional
(SECA) conferences.
· To attend the annual business meetings of SCECA and SECA and to
gain a hearing.
· To cast a vote on important business of the associations.
· To petition the SCECA and SECA board for a hearing.
· To be eligible for appointment to committee membership.
· To be eligible for election to district, state, and regional offices.
· To submit proposals for presentations at the annual conferences.
· To offer manuscripts to Dimensions for publication.
· Board of Directors representation
· Support system to influence state-level action benefiting young children and
their families… (i.e. Public Policy Network).
· Policies and Procedures Handbook which defines and governs the SCECA
organization and the relationship between SCECA and the individual districts
· Membership flyers and brochures.
· Specifically designed workshops, seminars, and keynote speeches on request.
· Computer mailing lists of members.
· Membership change of address information received by SCECA Business
Manager forwarded to appropriate districts.
· Visits to district meetings by SCECA officers as requested. Consultation and
guidance upon request.

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