T he mission of South Carolina Early Childhood Association (SCECA) is to enhance knowledge of early care and education professionals; to advance evidence-based best practices; to provide leadership to increase public understanding; and to support policies that result in high quality early care and education for every child from birth to age eight in South Carolina. SCECA will accomplish its mission by embracing innovation, valuing the voice of all stakeholders, and confidently providing leadership to the field of early childhood.

SCECA History

In 1950, the Columbia Preschool Council invited all the preschool teachers in the state to a meeting to hear Dr. Jimmy Hymes. Strong interest was expressed in forming a statewide group. A committee was appointed and representatives were sent to a meeting in Nashville. This meeting resulted in the formation of the Southern Association on Children Under Six. The South Carolina Association on Children Under Six was formally organized at a meeting at Winthrop College on March 29, 1952. Seventy-five charter members were present.

As you can imagine, the greatest undertaking in those early years was gathering the teachers of preschool children. A small band of faithful persons worked diligently and the organization has constantly grown ever since.

The first two annual meetings were at Winthrop College, then in Spartanburg, Columbia, and Charleston. In addition to the annual meetings, there were annual workshops in connection with the State Social Work Conference. The annual conference has been held in various locations throughout the state and continues to offer high-quality interest session leaders as well as keynote speakers.

Leadership for our organization has always been strong and deeply committed to the goals and principles of SCACUS.

As has been pointed out, SCACUS and SACUS were organized at the same time. The growth and development of the two organizations has been parallel, and they have mutually benefited from close affiliation. Many SCACUS members have served in leadership positions of SACUS. South Carolina always has one of the largest delegations at annual SACUS meetings.

Membership in SCACUS has grown consistently over the years and the organization continues to be a forerunner in the field of early childhood education.

In 1992, the name of our organization was changed to the South Carolina Early Childhood Association following the name change of the Southern Early Childhood Association. Our purpose was also expanded to serve children through the age of eight and their families.

More information concerning historical information about SCECA can be obtained from the Historian.

SCECA Executive Board of Directors.

Vaudrien Ray
Kristine Jenkins
Fedrick Cohens
Reggie Eargle
Jenna W Carson
Cassandra Legette
Stephanie Bracey
Deni Titcomb
Judy Whitesell
Jenn Adams
Becky Wardlaw

Commissions & Chairs.

Appointed by: President in accordance with Policy

Appointed Chairperson: Sandra Hackley

President-elect, Kristine Jenkins – Liaison to Executive Board

District President Christine Boatwright

Meeting Planner- Judy Whitesell

Parliamentarian- Jenn Adams, ex officio

Collaboration designee-Rozlyn Humphries

President, Vaudrien Ray- ex-officio

2nd Year Member-at-Large-Cassandra Legette

Sue Tennis-Appointed by President

Stacy Nance-Appointed

Appointed by: President in accordance with Policy

Committee Chairperson- Fedrick Cohens (VP President of SCECA)
Liaison to Exec. Board

Jim Lane- Student Group Advisor
Jenna Carson- SCECA Treasurer
Dequetta Patton-District VP
Melissa Covert-Awards Chair
Becky Wardlaw-ex officio
Vaudrien Ray-ex officio
Angela Servello- appointed

Appointed by: President in accordance with Policy

Committee/Chairperson-Katie Nichols-Appointed by President

Deni Titcomb-SECA Rep- Liaison to Exec. Board
Callie Goodwin-Publicist
Debbie Malphrus-SCECA Secretary
Becky Wardlaw-Exec. Director- ex officio
Vaudrien Ray-President ex officio
Candice Lominick -appointed
Davida Price-appointed

Appointed by: Elected by membership/Policy

A. Conference Planning Committee

President-elect, Chair and liaison to Executive Board

President, ex officio

Executive Director, ex officio

Meeting Planner, ex officio

Vice President

B. Constitution and By-Laws Committee

Parliamentarian, Chairperson

President, ex officio

Past President, liaison to Executive Board


C. Nominating Committee

Past President Chair

Secretary, liaison to Executive Board


1st year Member-at-Large

District President (appointed by President)

President, ex officio

Executive Director, ex officio

D. Finance Committee

Treasurer, Chair and Liaison to Executive Board

President, ex officio


Vice President

Past President

Executive Director, ex officio

Meeting Planner, ex officio

E. Personnel Committee

President, Chair

Past President



SCECA Board members and District level officers are divided into four commissions to help conduct the business of SCECA and to carry out the Policies and Procedures of SCECA.

District Presidents.

President-Angela Servello

President-Stacy Nance

President-Christine Boatwright

President-Candice Lominick

President-Sue Tennis

President-Rozlyn Humphries

President-Davida Price

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