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The following are the details for additional sessions you can add to your conference registration, more information is available when purchasing your pre-con session tickets. The morning and afternoon pre-conference sessions are on Thursday, February 1st. You can sign up for one of each if you have purchased a Full Conference Ticket, or a Friday Only ticket.

The Special Events are on Friday and Saturday. The event on Friday is for Student Members of SCECA only. If you want to attend an event, you must purchase a ticket for the Conference for that day, in addition to a ticket for the event, i.e. students purchasing a ticket to the Student Event on Friday must also purchase a Friday only, or Full Conference ticket.

Conference Registration

Morning Sessions

Session Title Presenter Time Lunch? CEd Cost
Principal's Seminar (Public School) Abbey Mills 8am-1:30pm Yes PA/Admin/5 hrs $75
Director's Seminar (Childcare) Vernon Mason, Jr. 8am-1:30pm Yes PA/Admin/5 hrs $75
Constructing Dreams through Woven Language Practices Lydia Carnesale 9am-12pm No Gr/All/2 hrs $20
Upstate Children's Museum Experience - Class #1 Sara Tolson & Staff 8:30-11:30 No CU/IT, Pre-k/3 hrs $30
Upstate Children's Museum Experience - Class #2 Sara Tolson & Staff 9:30am-12:30pm No CU/5k, Primary/3 hrs $30
Quality Outdoor Learning Environments Karen Thompson 9am-12pm No Gr/All/3 hrs $30
Gross Motor Development 101 Nicole Weeks 9am-11am No GR/IT, PreK, Admin/2 hrs $20
The Math and Literacy Connection Dawn Jacobs 9am-11am No CU/PreK,5K/2 hrs $20

Afternoon Sessions

Session Title Presenter Time CEd Cost
The 4 C's of Leadership Sylvia White 2-4pm PD/All/2 hrs. $20
Healing with Conscious Discipline: A Teacher's Journey Tabbi Price 2-4pm PD/All/2 hrs. $20
What Matters Most? Dr. Tammy Palowski 2-4pm PD/All/2 hrs. $20
Artful Instructional Coaching A. Keith Young 2-4pm PD/All/2 hrs. $20
Quality through NAEYC Accreditation (Advanced) Sally McClellan 1:45-4:45pm PD/Admin/3 hrs. $30
Cultivating Gardens with Your Littles Cindy Galloway 2-4pm CU/PreK, Prim. Admin/2 hrs. $20
Project Learning Tree: Trees and Me Dr. Kit Saizdel-LaMora / Lynn Hoekstra 1:45-4:45pm CU/IT, PreK, 5K/3 hrs. $30

Special Events

Session Title Date/Time CEd Cost
Student Members Only - Group Luncheon. Saturday, Feb 3 from 12:30-1:50pm CU/Stud/1 hr $5
Advocacy Luncheon: with Deion Jamison Friday, Feb. 2 from 12:20-2:10pm PD/All/1 hr $50

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