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How to Start Up a SCECA Student Organization

1. Contact your Student Affairs Office

Many colleges and universities have certain and specific guidelines and requirements to follow in order to start a charter organization. A charter organization is an organization that has not previously been an established organization on your campus. If there already was a SCECA student group on your campus, you may just have to find out how to get it reinstated.

2. Complete and return the necessary paperwork

Many colleges and universities have an application process that must be completed and returned to be considered for chartering. Usually the application process involves providing detailed information about the organization. Such information may include:

  • full name of organization
  • organization’s purpose
  • membership criteria (if any)
  • major activities that the organization may sponsor
  • local, state, or national affiliations
  • funding information such as dues
  • official contact information for the organization including mailing address and website address
  • contact information for the faculty sponsor that will serve as the faculty advisor
  • contact information for the President, Vice-president, and Treasurer.
  • a roster (A minimum number of members may be required to charter an organization.)

3. Include all necessary forms

In addition to all the paperwork your organization may be required to submit your Constitution and By-laws.

4. Membership Form

Once your SCECA Student Organization has been established, you must have all prospective members complete the SCECA Membership Form. The faculty advisor should then return the forms and payments to Becky Wardlaw, SCECA’s Executive Director. Student dues are $25.00 a year before 12/1/2018 and $30.00/year after 12/1/2018. It is important that the faculty advisor send forms and payments to Mrs. Wardlaw so a database of student members at your university can be compiled. It is recommended that the faculty advisor keep a record of paid members prior to sending off the forms and payments to Mrs. Wardlaw.

5. Helpful information

The SCECA Student Organization is affiliated with the state (SCECA) and regional (SECA) organization. As stated in the SCECA constitution, a suggested name for the Student organization of SCECA shall be the Student South Carolina Early Childhood Association at {Name of the Institution of higher learning}, or in the abbreviated form, SSCECA-___. An example of a Constitution and Bylaws used by Winthrop University is attached for your reference. This is a modified constitution developed directly from the SCECA State Constitution and Bylaws. Any questions, please feel free to contact Becky Wardlaw or 803-960-0323.

Below is the sample Student Constitution that you may download for use in setting up a SCECA Student Organization.

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