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Reclaiming the Child: Embracing Diversity and Individualism

Feb 5 & 6, 2021

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Katie Nichols, Conference Chair
Judy Whitesell, Meeting Planner
Becky Wardlaw, Executive Director
Jim Lane, President of SCECA


Plans for the 2021 SCECA Conference have honestly been a huge struggle this year. Our goal is to make sure the conference meets the professional development needs of the early care providers and early childhood teachers in South Carolina and is also safe for our attendees because of the Covid-19 virus! This year SCECA 2021 Conference Planning Committee has determined that the conference will be virtual. You can participate by watching the sessions on a computer, a laptop, an iPad, a tablet or your smart phone. The conference is scheduled for Friday and Saturday, February 5-6, 2021. We will provide the 5 hour seminars on Thursday for Directors and Principals who need the 5 hours of Program Administration credit. The additional cost will be $50 for the 5 hour session.

Changes are plentiful this year and we want to walk you through those changes. We hope these topics will help explain some of those changes.If you have any questions, please contact Becky Wardlaw at [email protected] or 803-960-0323.

SC Endeavors Student ID#

SC has a new registry system, the SC Endeavors Registry, to document your DSS credit hours. The new system uses a student number/StateRegistry ID to track your hours. Each person has their own unique number.If you had a student ID #/State Registry ID in the previous system, you can continue using that number. This is not to be confused with your Social Security number. If you did NOT have a student ID #/State Registry ID, you must go to the SC Endeavors website and create an account to be assigned a student ID#/State Registry ID. This number is very important and you will need it to register for the conference and for each session you attend. Go to SCEndeavors.org and click on “Registry Login” to create an account or login to locate your student number/State Registry ID.

Changes: New Requirements to receive DSS credit

  1. You can watch the conference from the convenience of your home or school/center. You can use any of these electronic devices: Smart phone (not a flip phone), iPad or tablet, laptop, a desktop computer or on a Smart TV. Centers/programs are not able to use one device, share a monitor, phone, etc. Each person must have their own device. All must have a good, stable internet connection. You will receive an email prior to the start of the conference to join the Zoom conference. On the day of the conference, you go to that email and click on that link to open the conference.
  2. We are using a digital conference app called SCHED. The conference program will be posted on this app. We will send the link to the app in January. You will see a Conference schedule for each hour. It will include the session title, the presenter, and the DSS code. You can click on the title and a drop down box will appear with the session’s description to help you decide if this is the session you want to attend. All sessions are color-coded by the DSS codes for the sessions.
    1. CU - Curriculum
    2. HS - Health & Safety
    3. GR - Growth & Development
    4. NU - Nutrition
    5. PD - Professional Development
    6. CG - Child Guidance
    7. PA - Program Administration
    8. SN - Special Needs
  3. Once you have entered the conference through the link we will provide to you the week before the conference, you will pick the session you want to attend by clicking on the title link. The computer program will track your attendance and your participation when you complete the Google form provided in each session. You must be in the session 50 minutes to receive credit for the session. The session presenter will begin the session at the appointed time.
  4. You need to be prepared during each presentation for the presenter to ask you to participate in an activity. It may be a short quiz, a survey, a group discussion, a poll, write an answer to a question, etc. You can also write a question in the Chat Box and the session monitor will relay your question to the presenter. This is a new requirement for SC Endeavors for you to receive credit for a virtual session.
  5. It is your choice to attend as many sessions as you like. They are scheduled for one hour with a 15 minute break in between each session. We have also scheduled a short lunch break also. You can earn 8 hours on Friday and 7 hours on Saturday if you attend a session each hour. If ABCQrequires scholarship recipients to attend Keynote sessions and/or the We Are Family session, it is your responsibility to be on time and sign in to those sessions. The only session that is repeated during the conference is Blood Borne Pathogens.
  6. The SCECA Virtual Conference is live-streamed as it happens and will only be available at the times it is offered. There will be no recording and playback of sessions. We understand the constraints of being a student in a virtual classroom. It is happening in our schools all over the country. Use the same common sense approach our school age children have to use while viewing the virtual training.
  7. If your internet connection is weak and you lose your connection, please log back on as soon as possible so you can receive your credits. You must be logged into a session for 50 minutes to receive credit.
  8. At the conclusion of the conference, the Meeting Planner will enter your attendance and participation into the SC Endeavors’ system for you to receive your credit hours. Please be patient as this will be a huge undertaking and will take quite a while to accomplish. You can check SC Endeavors in mid-April for your credit hours. SCECA will mail a copy of the sessions you attended during the conference to your home address about two weeks after the conference.

Quick Info...

Hotel Info

There is no host hotel since we are attending virtually.


Our friends at Kaplan Learning Company are generously sponsoring Dr. Clarissa Willis to be one of our keynote speakers this year.Thanks to our fabulous Kaplan Rep, Pam Bradley and Kaplan Company. More details...


We hope to be overflowing with exhibitors next year but unfortunately there will be none this year.

T-Shirt Sales

Since we will not be able to meet face to face, we will not be offering t-shirts for sale.


Presenter handouts will be available a week prior to the conference.

Silent Auction

Due to the fact that the 2021 SCECA Conference is virtual, we will not be sponsoring a Silent Auction. We hope that next year, we can meet again face to face and enjoy all the fun and fellowship and have a huge Silent Auction at that time.


The Day at a Glance schedule will be posted within the SCHED app where the digital program is. It will be posted on the website in early January.