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2020 SCECA Conference

Registration Information

The Conference Registration form will be available on the website on October 18th, and it will also be in your SCOPE Preliminary Program edition that you will receive by November 1st.

SCECA is offering an Early Bird Special of a $10.00 voucher for those who register and pay their conference fees by the first of December. You can spend your voucher on food or with the vendors.

Our Pre-Registration Chairs are Rob and Becky Wardlaw and can be reached at register@sceca.org. You can fill in your form online and pay online using a Paypal account or your credit card.

Registration Deadline is January 17, 2020. Confirmations will only be sent to those who register online. Your packets will be ready for those who pre-register by the deadline. You may register at the conference; however, there will be a $20 late fee.

You may also Download a Paper Form and Pay with Check.

Pre-Conference Seminars: Thursday, February 6, 2020

Morning Sessions - Choose One on the Registration Form

Public/Private School Administrators’ Seminar (lunch included)Heath Branham8:00am– 1:30pmPA/Admin./5 hrs.$75
Childcare Center Directors’ Seminar (lunch included)David Winchester8:00am–1:30pmPA/Admin./5 hrs.$75
Building MathematiciansDawn Jacobs9:00-11:00amCU/5K/2 hrs.$20
Addressing Children’s Sexual Development and SafetyJenny Coleman8:30-11:30amPD/All/3 hrs.$30
Educating Children For A Sustainable WorldMarla Sanders9:00–11:30amCU/K, Prim/2 hrs.$20

Afternoon Sessions - Choose One on the Registration Form

Learning Benefits of Singing and SigningJan Peterson2:00-4:00pmCU/PreK, K, Prim/2 hrs.$20
What Leaders Can Learn from College SportsMichelle Salcedo2:00-4:00pmPA/Admin/2 hrs.$20
Are You Truly Prepared for an Active Shooter Event?Chad Ayers2:00-4:00pmPD/Admin/2 hrs.$20
Dancing With the STARsSusan Kirby1:30-4:30pmCG/IT/3 hrs.$30
Be the AstronautJane Gomez2:00-4:00pmCU/PreK, K/2 hrs.$20

Friday, Feb. 7, 2020

Advocacy Luncheon

Advocacy LuncheonSherrie Belton12:40-2:00pmPD/All/1 hr.$40


Complete and Pay with PayPal by January 17, 2020

Registration closed at midnight, January 18, 2020. Registration is available at the conference with a $20 late fee.